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Project Development

The companies' objective is to be a multi-media marketing company the caters to the Small Business Community.  Unfortunately, because of the technological barrier, most Small Business owners are not able to fully engage in many areas, such as marketing, and social media.  What Private Business Management wants to accomplish is to provide these services, and assist Small Business Owners with these tools that can aid them in achieving the exposure their company deserves.  Being a minority-owned business, we understand and sympathize.

Our Services

Our Servuces

With a staff that accumulates a combined 60 years of marketing consulting experience, we can ...


Our branding process includes logo design, brand guidelines, and suggestions for implementation we ...


We can make this highly effective and targeted medium work for your business...


Your relationship with your customers is only as strong as your weakest touchpoint. We help organizations ...


Our experienced staff has worked with world-class and emerging brands, corporations, consumer companies ...

Research &

Great advertising delivers the message, the medium or platform gives you the target audience, and a ...

Pitch Decks

A pitch deck is a brief presentation of your business and/or idea, often created using PowerPoint or other software’s and it is used


We are a Los Angeles-based Marketing and Video production company, operating across numerous media channels and categories.


A quality PowerPoint can be the difference between a closing a deal or not, whether you’re using PowerPoint for a corporate speaker

Jingles &

When it comes to branding and advertising jingles and music can help you in delivering your message with clarity and helps your audience with retaining that information for a longer period of time,


"I want to thank the team at PBM during these difficult times they have help my company in creating and managing our social and digital presence, constantly innovating our creative messaging, and delivering  high qualified leads."

Gabriela Patricia
CEO of Narrows Cleaning Services

Gig Harbor, WA


Ready to find out more?

In today’s digital landscape, there is no shortage of marketing options for businesses. From freelancers and marketing agencies to hiring your own in-house team, companies have more choices than ever before, specifically when it comes to online marketing. 


As your business grows, you will need to consider how your marketing will be handled, including whether to hire new employees and build an internal marketing team or empower your brand working with Private Business Management (PBM) on your side. 

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