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Our experienced staff has worked with world-class and emerging brands, corporations, consumer companies, technology companies, healthcare interests, regional businesses, non-profits, political campaigns, and high profile individuals to help achieve their strategic public relations and marketing objectives across a broad range of interests.

PBM is known for its public relations programs and our innovative approach. The age of social media and nonstop reporting means we exist in an environment that is quick to jump to conclusions. Information zips through the virtual environment with opinions formed in just seconds.

Our professional's staff understands how to leverage any story and redirect the conversation to your company’s best advantage.


Our approach to public relations is to always answer the essential questions, the "Who," "What," "When," "Where," and "Why," of your company’s needs, our goal is to deliver the answers to does question to drive our Public Relations Services, which are built around compelling stories that resonate with your customers.

We develop fresh ways for your company to connect with the desired target audiences in memorable ways. As a result, we measurably increase the positive results of their communication efforts.

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