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If you seeking to expand your company’s sales of natural, organic, or local foods, we at PBM cater to local farmers that look for PBM’s expertise in the agriculture and food marketing services. Our marketing experts are always ready to deliver results. The data and analytics for the food industry.


What - The Mrs. & Mr. the consumer is looking for quality food products

They Want - Today's parents are always looking for a bargain and are too busy to prepare food at home or to be concerned with anything other than price and convenience.

They may be a soccer parent, a working parent, or a busy homemaker,' regardless, they want their food to be quick, convenient, and cheap.

Food marketers realize that some organic and natural food shoppers are willing to pay higher prices, but they are still trying to make natural, organic, and even local foods more convenient and cheaper. With PBM on your side and our expertise in agriculture and food marketing services, we can help your business grow.

Retail Stores

Whether you’re just setting up shop or been running your store for decades, acquiring new customers and keeping the ones you already have are paramount. The good news is that there are more than enough ways to market your business.

PNM can help your business by shed light on the ins and outs of retail marketing and offer insights into the various strategies you can use in your business. 

Service Industry

One of your most important business considerations - period - is specialization and niche targeting. Our research has repeatedly shown that the fastest-growing firms tend to be specialists in a carefully targeted niche. This should be an area of the industry that you understand thoroughly, a space in which you can become an undisputable expert and leader.

Specialization makes all of your marketing efforts easier because it tends to define exactly what you do and immediately distinguish you from the competition.


A specialization is a differentiator that proves itself we at PBM will provide you with the tools and real-time data and analytics for your business to help you make informed decisions.

Real Estate and Mortgage Industry

As a real estate or mortgage professional, you want to grow your business, and marketing plays a large role in capturing the attention of potential clients. A 2018 study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found 87% of home buyers purchase their home through a real estate agent. It’s evident there’s a market for real estate agents. But how can you reach prospects?​

Creating and distributing valuable content targeting your primary audience is a great way to increase leads and referrals.

Content marketing is an important component of any digital marketing strategy.

It serves several purposes for your business:

  • Positions you as an authority in the real estate or mortgage industry

  • Assists in lead generation from social media

  • Provides prospects with valuable information

  • Increases brand awareness

The content that you are writing must be original, meaning that you are not purchasing pre-written content that hundreds or thousands of other websites may have.

We at PBM have compiled an array of proven real estate marketing ideas to be used to promote your real estate or mortgage businesses. Whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced realtor or loan officer looking to attract new clients, PBM can help you create a successful marketing plan.


The landscape of the restaurant business has been radically transformed by the advent of digital technology and the COVID-19 pandemic. No longer do restaurant owners depend on the traditional word of mouth to market their restaurants. Most restaurants I’ve walked into lately seem to be taking advantage of the digital media and mobile technology. While some of these restaurants are getting it right, the majority are struggling to get their restaurant's marketing strategy on track.

However, considering the fierce competition and about 60% failure rate of the restaurant business, it is vital that you get your marketing strategy not just right but top-notch. Our experienced staff has carried out in-depth research on why some restaurants fail despite cooking their best, while others succeed with just average dishes.

Our research has revealed that succeeding at the restaurant business is beyond cooking the most palatable dishes. The success of any restaurant business bears down on its marketing strategies. PBM has helped numerous restaurant owners achieve success by delivering real-time data, analytics, and food trends delivering effective and proven marketing strategies.

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